Sunday, November 27, 2005

New NGO founded - Academia

To use experience of public relation professionals for the interests of society, number of PR and advertising specialists has established nongovernmental organization “Academia”.

“Sometimes it is possible to actualize any social problem if popular personalities draw attention to it and start discussion”, thinks Janis Kirpitis, PR specialist of “RKT Publicity”, who is one of the initiators of “Academia” and now also the director of the organization.

The idea of „Academia” belongs to several PR professionals – Maris Plume, CEO of “RKT Publicity”, PR specialist Kristians Rozenvalds and others. Also such well known personalities as Abrams Kleckins (the Professor of University of Latvia), Gundars Margevics (the director of company „Aura auto”), Andra Treibaha (the director of advertising company „Bates/RedCell”) and others have joined the organization.

It is planned to finance the organization “Academia” obtaining financial resources from ES foundations and donations from companies and individuals. Members of the organization also plans to help consolidating particular sectors of society and therefore obtain financing from state budget for solving actual problems.

J.Kirpitis has been involved in a number of commercially successful public relations projects. He emphasizes that the range of PR tools is very wide, but until now they have been mostly used for reaching commercial and political goals.

„Academia” is not going to start any political activities, our work will be based on idea that we want to initiate positive changes in society. And sometimes it is even enough to express attitude and opinion and encourage others to do that”, accents J.Kirpitis.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things to know about press release

When PR practicioner starts his careier, most often one is asigned to do the basic job in the office-to writte pres release. Mabe it is not the most exciting part of the business but for shure it is the basic foundation stoun of the PR science.
This article published by Allison Kugel in Internet site PR.COM gives a good insight in the art of press release writing.
Martins Kozlovskis

As a publicist, I have both written and read hundreds of press releases. Press releases are a tool for creating an image, generating leads and piquing the media's interest in what you are doing, i.e. your product or service. An effective press release tells a riveting story with a precise media angle, while at the same time covering the necessary components of: who, what, when, where, why and how. An effective press release should also have a title that encompasses the main facts and message of the release. Your press release title and summary are your "elevator pitch," and they are your tool in capturing a consumer or media outlet's initial attention. They get your press release read! The first paragraph of a press release should always begin with the city and state in which the news is coming from, as well as the date of the news to be released. Another mandatory element is your company or organization's contact information. Generally, the more contact information that you can provide, the better it is. The minimum should include: contact name, company/organization name, telephone number and email address.

Nowadays, I find that editors and producers treat email correspondence the way that they used to use the telephone. Everybody is always so busy and half the time members of the press are on tight deadlines. Sometimes answering the phone, or even picking up the phone, stresses them out. Sending an email is much easier! Point being, your email address is crucial.

In relaying your news in a way that captures a sharp media angle, ask yourself the following questions and take notes as you answer them:

  1. How does this news impact my specific industry?
  2. What does our company bring to the table that makes us unique and fills a gap in the market?
  3. Who is our targeted audience for this news? Who do we want to hear our news?
  4. Who is our wide or more peripheral market for this news?
  5. Where and/or who does our company's primary revenue come from?
  6. Which publications, news programs, Internet sites, radio or TV talk shows reach our target market?

Making notes based on the above questions will give you a clearer idea of how to structure your press release to have a relevant news angle or angles.

Although it sounds elementary, editors and reporters say that one of the biggest mistakes people make in their press releases are leaving out the five Ws. I take that one step further and add "how." Before submitting any release, go over the press release in its entirety and make sure it tells a complete story. A complete story tells the reader:

  1. Who the news is about
  2. What the news is that you are announcing
  3. When it will go into effect or take place
  4. Where people can find your goods, service, event, product, etc.
  5. Why your product/service/event/new development is relevant at this time
  6. How you are doing it or how it is being executed

Another common mistake that media professionals site are press releases that are way too l-o-n-g. A press release is not a book report. You do not need fillers or repetitive writing to bulk it up with a lot of length. Too much length is a time hindrance and tends to cause the reader to lose interest and become bored. The standard press release is approximately 400 words and is the length of one page, and no more. One notable exception is when you are distributing a press release along with a media invite or some sort of invitation to an event. Obviously you need enough text to introduce your organization, the purpose for the event and the details of the event itself. Even in this case, you should be mindful of the length and ask yourself what facts are needed to get all of the information to the receiving party and what text is superfluous.

Another good tool is making sure that your press release does not stay "stationary," but rather that it has movement and versatility, kind of like a good haircut ;-). What I mean by that is… keeping your basic press release template but adjusting the release depending on your audience. As you distribute the press release, you can add, subtract or stress certain points that you think that particular recipient will respond to. This also goes back to determining your target market versus your wide market. For example, your company's product or service might fall into several news categories. For the sake of argument, let's say the target market is: products for kids. However, your product or service might also fall into the categories of: niche products, innovative inventions, fun soft news items, and great Christmas/Chanukah gift ideas. Yes, you can sometimes get that much mileage out of one product or press release. So angle your news wisely depending on who you are pitching.

Finally, in this day and age we must consider a concept called "keyword" or "search engine optimization" when composing a press release. The Internet has completely changed the way people search for news. The right keywords can triple or quadruple your estimated traffic to your press release. Press release wire and distribution sites, like, in addition to traditional distribution, also feed their news content to news search websites all over the web; on these news search websites, media outlets, journalists, editors and consumers use keyword searches to find the press releases that interest them. People type phrases and topics into search boxes to search for their news. Being shrewd about what keywords people are most likely to type in to a news site is crucial in reaching the right people. After writing the initial draft of your press release, set down your work and pick up a blank piece of paper. Write down every important word and phrase that you feel captures the topic and subject of your news. Simply put, the words that you anticipate people will search for. Now go back and re-read your work. See if you have included these key words and phrases or if your language was a bit too flowery or vague at certain points. Plug in the important search words, as long as they are in the appropriate context and fit the logic of the sentence. This includes the title and summary as well. Making these language changes will ensure that you and your appropriate audience will find each other in cyber space. It is kind of like matchmaking.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

''...Not to forget..''...Event.

If one is willing to successfully manage their carrier in PR, one should always know-''whats up" in the field. That is ridiculously simple. Newertheless ridiculously little information is available for those who are willing to share their knowledge with colleagues and take part in international conferences.
As I started my publisher carrier just recently at this point there's not big events coming up this year, but there is possibility to inform about recent events that are held every year in order to motivate and encourage people to take part in such.
The one I would like to tell about is Baltic PR weekend that was held in St.Petersbourg from 8 till 9 September,2005. Organized by International Public relation association IPRA and European Public Relation Confederation, It was international forum uniting PR experts for the fifth time. During the time conference has proved its format and really gained significance: in 2004 The Baltic PR Weekend project became the winner of the most prestige contest in PR sphere-i.e IPRA Golden World Award. That is important to know but not as important as the Students Conference. The International student conference, The Baltic PR Weekend, is special project for students who are majoring in PR. Organized under auspices of an international forum. Students from Russia, CIS, and Baltic countries who won Russian and International PR youth contests were presenting their projects. The conference includes a number of presentations from Russian and International PR experts, these practical men are wiling to share their knowledge with young specialists.
This year conference celebrated the fifth anniversary of the event, for the occasion special slogan had been developed."Faces and Cases"-the main PR characters and topical practical examples, outstanding personalities and success stories-this is what attracts specialists in Baltic PR Weekend.

Student Conference coordinator-
Olga Sviridenko
Baltic PR Weekend
197342, St. Petersburg, Torzhkovskaya, 1/2 Tel: +7 (812) 380-0008 Fax: +7 (812) 380-0008 E-mail:

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This Web Blog will report on any issues that are interesting for people that are willing to start their carrier in PR field. There is not too many sources where young students or those who already have started their carrier could get the information about PR landscape in Baltic. When student has just graduated the university it appears that it is not so easy to get it all started. It is not so easy to hoop in the Public Relation bussines.
Nevertheless professional PR services are available in the region since 1992 still a lot of people are not informed-where to study or work. Or what is happening in the PR field. Therefore it will be my aim to gather usefull information in this page for those who will search for it.

Second Global PR Festival

The festival took place in the Italian city of Trieste. It was organized by ''Global Alliance'' with the help of Italian Pr association FERPI. ''Global Alliance'' unites PR associations in the world and is the main organization representing the PR profession. Today more than 160 000 members have joined ''Global Alliance''.Benetton created several images that represented the main idea of the festival-DIVERSITY.
According to Toni Muzi Falconi, the protagonist of the festival, the PR profession unites about 3 million people around the world, and the total economic activity exceeds 400 million euos.The president of ''Global Alliance'',Jean Valin, added that these people have much in common. It does not matter whether they come from Jakarta, London or Sao Paolo. PR professionals from all parts of the world.
This public relation festival dedicated to diversity. PR professionals from all parts of the world stated in the festivals manifest that globalization standardize our minds and lives as well as shows to each of us how diverse the world is.The volatile environment forces us to understand The diversity and interact with it. Only those who understand diversity and pay attention to it are able to successfuly interact with the environment and work efficiently.
This festival gave the opportunity to meet the global PR community and its leaders and helped to ensure that this professions will grow and expand.
Third pr festival will take place in capital of Brazil.
More information about second festival is

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