Sunday, November 27, 2005

New NGO founded - Academia

To use experience of public relation professionals for the interests of society, number of PR and advertising specialists has established nongovernmental organization “Academia”.

“Sometimes it is possible to actualize any social problem if popular personalities draw attention to it and start discussion”, thinks Janis Kirpitis, PR specialist of “RKT Publicity”, who is one of the initiators of “Academia” and now also the director of the organization.

The idea of „Academia” belongs to several PR professionals – Maris Plume, CEO of “RKT Publicity”, PR specialist Kristians Rozenvalds and others. Also such well known personalities as Abrams Kleckins (the Professor of University of Latvia), Gundars Margevics (the director of company „Aura auto”), Andra Treibaha (the director of advertising company „Bates/RedCell”) and others have joined the organization.

It is planned to finance the organization “Academia” obtaining financial resources from ES foundations and donations from companies and individuals. Members of the organization also plans to help consolidating particular sectors of society and therefore obtain financing from state budget for solving actual problems.

J.Kirpitis has been involved in a number of commercially successful public relations projects. He emphasizes that the range of PR tools is very wide, but until now they have been mostly used for reaching commercial and political goals.

„Academia” is not going to start any political activities, our work will be based on idea that we want to initiate positive changes in society. And sometimes it is even enough to express attitude and opinion and encourage others to do that”, accents J.Kirpitis.


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