Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Second Global PR Festival

The festival took place in the Italian city of Trieste. It was organized by ''Global Alliance'' with the help of Italian Pr association FERPI. ''Global Alliance'' unites PR associations in the world and is the main organization representing the PR profession. Today more than 160 000 members have joined ''Global Alliance''.Benetton created several images that represented the main idea of the festival-DIVERSITY.
According to Toni Muzi Falconi, the protagonist of the festival, the PR profession unites about 3 million people around the world, and the total economic activity exceeds 400 million euos.The president of ''Global Alliance'',Jean Valin, added that these people have much in common. It does not matter whether they come from Jakarta, London or Sao Paolo. PR professionals from all parts of the world.
This public relation festival dedicated to diversity. PR professionals from all parts of the world stated in the festivals manifest that globalization standardize our minds and lives as well as shows to each of us how diverse the world is.The volatile environment forces us to understand The diversity and interact with it. Only those who understand diversity and pay attention to it are able to successfuly interact with the environment and work efficiently.
This festival gave the opportunity to meet the global PR community and its leaders and helped to ensure that this professions will grow and expand.
Third pr festival will take place in capital of Brazil.
More information about second festival is available-www.worldprfestival.org


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