Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Study PR in Vidzeme University college.Latvia

Communication and Public Relations
Communication and Public Relations Department study programme provides diverse, wide and at the same time specific and practical knowledge that helps to integrate into the labour market as well as gives an ability to adapt easily to the ever changing social environment. Studies at Vidzeme University College Communication and Public Relations Department are an opportunity for personal development that should not be neglected!
Head of the Communication and Public Relations Department, Mg.psych. Vineta Silkāne
Title of the study programme:
Communication and Public Relations
Forms of the studies:
Full time studies
Duration of the programme:
4 years (8 semesters)
Education acquired:
2nd level higher education
Professional qualification:
Public Relations Department manager
Number of students to enrol in 2005/2006 st.y.:
State subsidised study places:
Tuition fee:
620 LVL
Programme is accredited:
Until the year 2007
Vidzeme University College (VUC) Communication and Public Relations Department offers students to acquire various aspects of public relations – communication with mass media, project planning and management, gives an insight into the corporate public relations. The study programme of the Communication and Public Relations Department comprises diverse general education, specialisation and optional courses letting students acquire essential theoretical knowledge and develop their personalities. VUC Communication and Public Relations Department graduates are well prepared for work in institutions requiring specialists with knowledge and analytical skills of wide spectrum. The aim of the study programme To prepare highly qualified professionals, competent and competitive PR specialists for work in state institutions and local municipalities, mass media and non governmental institutions.


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